Welcome to the official documentation for Karrier One.

We have laid out all the important information you need to know about us, as well as left portals to our support channels & further documentations.

First Steps

  • Official channels: always verify that your updates and sourced information are coming from a channel authorized by Karrier One.

  • New to Karrier One: watch our short informational video below.

  • Safety note: please review our Safety and Security section below.

Safety and Security

The instructions provided here do not encompass every security measure needed. It's important to be highly vigilant when transferring funds and safeguarding sensitive information.

  • KONE wallet phrases & additional wallet phrases should be stored securely. Karrier One team members will never contact you for your wallet phrases, or your private credentials.

  • All information pertaining to your KONE wallet will come from inside the Karrier One Dashboard. Any payments outside of the official Karrier One website should be dubbed a scam.

  • Engage solely with our recognized websites and social media accounts, found in the section below.

Official Karrier One Channels


Social Media

Communication Platforms

Table of Contents

Our documentation is separated by each part of our project. It's broken down into several parts:

  1. Introduction: Starting information about Karrier One & the Karrier One network.

  2. Token FAQ: In-depth FAQ on tokenomics of KONE, the KONE DAO, and answer any questions

  3. Network FAQ: Answers to the most frequently asked questions

  4. Support: Here, support for wallets & dashboard questions are answered. Instructions are also given for contacting the Karrier One team for support.

Karrier One Simplified

Just starting with Karrier One? Start by watching this short explainer video, then continue onto the rest of our docs.

Further Reading

For more detailed information, please refer to our whitepaper.

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