Users on the Network

A network user is defined as any individual who makes use of the variety of services provided by our network. These services, initially encompassing a broad spectrum of communication offerings such as wireless access, multimedia, and messaging, necessitate the expenditure of a transaction fee in the form of a digital token.

Growing User Base and Token Utility

As the user base of the network expands, the utility of the digital token naturally increases.

This is not only due to the growth in number but also because the addition of new services on the network bolsters the demand and usefulness of the token.

Furthermore, the network facilitates peer-to-peer transfers of these digital tokens among users, enabling them to share and distribute the network's utility to others.

Simplified Access through Karrier One Dashboard

The Karrier One Dashboard provides users, even those unfamiliar with Web3, the ability to access the telecom layer. The Karrier One Dashboard will be your control center for minting PNS profiles, managing your KONE Wallet, and all node operations.

Zero Knowledge Web Interface

One of the innovative offerings on our platform is the Zero Knowledge Web Interface. This interface simplifies the process of accessing decentralized applications (dApps) at the telecom level, thereby making the utilization of blockchain distinctly straightforward.

This approach addresses one of the key hurdles in blockchain adoption – its inherent complexity – and makes it more accessible to a wider user base.

In summary, as a user of the network, individuals get access to a host of communication services, the power to share and distribute tokens, and the opportunity to use the full potential of blockchain technology.

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