Building on Karrier One

The Karrier One chain has been designed as a platform for innovation, open to integration with other decentralized wireless projects. We invite developers, and innovators to build their own projects on the Karrier One network, utilizing our remarkable telecommunications infrastructure.

Advantages for Developers and Projects

  • Access to a Global Network: Karrier One aims to create a global telecommunications layer, meaning projects built on our network can potentially reach users worldwide. This gives developers access to a large and diverse user base.

  • Advanced Blockchain Integration: Coming Soon...

  • Advanced Teleco Infrastructure: With over 20 years of Canadian telecommunications experience, Karrier One has access to robust telecommunications infrastructure. This includes licensed spectrum & LTE Band 53.

  • Enhanced Digital ID: The Karrier Numbering System (PNS), which bridges the gap between traditional Web2 and evolving Web3 domains. The added security of the PNS system can significantly enhance the user experience of the projects built on our network.

Getting Started

To get started with building on the Karrier One network, developers should familiarize themselves with our platform and our development tools. We encourage you to join our Discord or connect with us through our communication channels to learn more info.


In the future, we believe that a myriad of decentralized wireless projects will exist, each with their own function. Karrier One offers a solid foundation for these projects to build upon, acting as the Ethereum of decentralized wireless. Together, we can decentralize telecommunications.

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