What is a Gatekeeper Node?


Gatekeeper Nodes play a critical role in providing the access layer of a network. They are the primary point of connection for users to the network, and are situated strategically in areas where connectivity is essential. They come in various hardware configurations to cater to different capacity and location needs, ranging from a single-user setup to one that caters to an entire community.

Regardless of their hardware configuration, all Gatekeeper Nodes provide the same fundamental functionality. They continually relay vital information to the mobile core, enabling real-time evaluation of performance metrics and immediate accounting for each active session.

When a user purchases a node from Karrier One, the user is purchasing a Gatekeeper Node.

Functionality and Incentives

Gatekeeper Nodes are designed to improve mobile services in regions currently lacking these services. Incentives to operate a Gatekeeper Node are tied directly to the network's usage volume. They are also designed to supplement capacity in areas that already have service - a task that benefits the network and hence, should be rewarded.

Rewards for operating a Gatekeeper Node are determined based on the volume of users and traffic processed by the node. Additional rewards can be secured based on the Quality of Service (QoS) determined by metrics defined under the Node Quality Grading System. These metrics are fine-tuned with a quality score provided by network users, allowing for adaptable service provision.

In-depth revenue diagrams for Gatekeeper Nodes can be found on our Whitepaper.

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