KNS / Digital Identity

The Karrier Numbering System (KNS) is our form of digital identity on the Karrier One network. KNS links your phone number to a non-fungible token (NFT).


The Karrier Numbering System (KNS) is designed to act as a conduit between the traditional Web2 and the evolving Web3 domains.

Conventional communication systems fall short of providing the fundamental attributes that enable digital engagement with financial systems, while Web3 offers enhanced digital access to blockchain ecosystems that have Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as their financial infrastructure. The amalgamation of the two allows users to have a wallet directly associated with their phone number.

This simple yet powerful integration enables smooth transactions, facilitating effortless payments and augmenting the potential for peer-to-peer exchanges.

The solution that has been selected for the digital identity is Karrier One Inc. Karrier Number System powered by Sui.

KONE and KNS Profiles

KONE, as the default currency, is used for transactions involving the purchase of KNS profiles, especially those that come with a premium phone number.

PNS profiles can be minted through the Karrier One Dashboard.

PNS Module

The PNS Module functions through Foundational Nodes. Information on our KNS Modules can be found here.

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