What is a Foundational Node?


The Foundational Nodes act as the core of The KONE DAO, functioning through multiple interconnected software modules that comprise:

  • Karrier Number System (KNS) module

  • Blockchain module

  • Telecom module

Each module plays a distinct yet integrated role, contributing to the network's overall functionality.

Karrier Number System (KNS) Module

The KNS module introduces a mechanism that links users' phone numbers to their web3 wallets, generating a unique digital ID. This digital ID facilitates users to send and receive funds, and even establish an identity tied to their phone number ownership. Importantly, it maintains the confidentiality of users' personal details from the Web3 Layer.

Key functions of the PNS module include:

  • Identity registration

  • Credential management

  • Authentication

Blockchain Module

The blockchain module serves to maintain a decentralized ledger recording all network transactions. For privacy, efficiency, and cost purposes, transaction data is split between a public, anonymized ledger and a private component containing all transaction details in an encrypted, distributed ledger.

Primary functions of the blockchain module include:

  • Managing financial ledgers that record user account balances and transactions

  • Overseeing reward mechanisms for nodes to ensure automatic payments upon meeting smart contract conditions

Telecom Module

The telecom module oversees the network's communication functions. Despite the potential for Foundational Nodes to be situated anywhere globally, the network's traffic routing tends to favor closer nodes for improved service quality and performance.

Key operations of the telecom module include:

  • Call signalling

  • Media routing

  • Message routing

  • Service management

  • Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring

  • Self-healing network

  • Maintenance of Distributed Hash Tables for Nodes

Foundational Node Operations

Operators of Foundational Nodes must obtain approval from the KONE DAO and lock a specific amount of tokens (initially set to 100,000 tokens) to participate in the network. Any modifications to this parameter will be decided by The KONE DAO.

In return for their resources to run the Karrier One Public Chain, Foundational Node Operators receive tokens.


For token holders lacking the necessary number of tokens or technical knowledge to operate a node, they can delegate their share to a Ticket. Tickets operate as Foundational Nodes and can vote on proposals, sharing proportionally in the rewards according to their share.

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