What is an Operator Node?


Operator Nodes play a vital role in the Karrier One ecosystem. They serve as the bridge between the Karrier One blockchain network and the traditional telecommunications networks.

Their primary function includes managing protocol translations, media transcoding, and directing traffic to these networks.

Within the network infrastructure, operator nodes hold the responsibility of executing sequencers or state channels. These channels are pivotal for overseeing off-chain transactions, which encompass activities such as roaming and spectrum agreements.

Additionally, operator nodes ensure that gatekeeper nodes receive appropriate compensation for their server services. It's crucial to differentiate the reward structure in this context. Rewards stemming from these off-chain agreements vary from those derived from on-chain transactions and services. Furthermore, these rewards are subject to a predefined lockup duration, post which the gatekeepers are eligible to claim them.

Requirement for Operator Nodes

In order to ensure service provision, at least one Operator Node is necessary per country.

These nodes are operated by individuals or entities who are compliant with the local regulations and possess the required licenses to administer the service.

Therefore, Operators need to be well-acquainted with the regulatory landscape in their respective countries.

Token Requirement for Operator Nodes

In order to operate an Operator Node, the initial blockchain parameters stipulate a minimum token requirement of 1,000,000 KONE tokens. It's important to note that this requirement is subject to change. Any prospective modifications to this parameter will be considered and decided through a democratic process. This involves collaboration with the token holders through a vote in the KONE DAO.

The DAO will call for a vote from the community in case any alterations to the minimum token requirement need to be made. The collective decision made by the token holders will then be implemented, ensuring that the system remains fair and inclusive for all participants.

By tying Operator Node operation to token holdings, the system further encourages network participation and stakeholder involvement in Karrier One's network governance and decision-making processes.

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