Karrier One

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Lets think,

What if we didn't have to rely on centralized telecommunications networks? What if we had a say in what happens on the network we use everyday, for calling, texting, streaming, browsing? What if we could not just be a "user" of the network that powers our lives, but a host as well?

Karrier One offers everybody a chance to build something of their own through our advanced telecom infrastructure.

On the Karrier One network, users can be more than just a customer. The Karrier One network combines traditional telecommunications and new-age blockchain technology. We aim to create a community-owned, carrier-grade 5G network that offers improved accessibility, speed, cost-effectiveness, as well as security. Our goal is to decentralize wireless infrastructure and democratize telecommunications, becoming the global network.

Through our custom blockchain, which uses smart contracts as our centerpiece of operations, everyone who holds our native KONE token has a say in what happens on the Karrier One network.

Karrier One is premiering to be the world's first globally decentralized carrier-grade network.

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