Network summary

Our decentralized telecommunications services harness blockchain technology. The architecture of our network model comprises three layers:

  • Foundational nodes - authentication and blockchain maintenance / modules

  • Gatekeeper nodes - wireless access to end users

  • Operator nodes - providing traditional telecommunications modules

By incorporating an Sui blockchain into our architecture, our network allows for open accessibility of our telecommunications infrastructure through smart contracts. These smart contracts serve as portals for other decentralized wireless projects to build through the Karrier One network.

At the core of our blockchain module is The KONE DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that functions as the "brain" of the Karrier One network. The KONE DAO links different nodes together and manages network-wide communication. The KONE DAO not only manages network quality metrics, but also democratizes decision-making through a model of liquid democracy. This structure allows for KONE token holders to exchange their tokens for tickets, which can be used to cast votes on development proposals.

Our Phone Numbering System (KNS) module enables users to connect their phone number to their web3 wallet, creating a secure and user-friendly digital ID.

For every dollar of usage that comes through the Karrier One ecosystem, 50% goes to the gatekeeper, 20% to the spectrum donor, and 30% towards Karrier One.

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